Bruce Hornsby And The Range - The Way It Is
Billboard  (1986)

In Collection

Cassette    13 tracks 
   01   Every Little Kiss            
   02   The Way It Is            
   03   On The Western Skyline            
   04   Mandolin Rain            
   05   The Long Race            
   06   The Red Plains            
   07   Down The Road Tonight            
   08   The Wild Frontier            
   09   The River Runs Low            
   10   Brothers   Brian Spence          
   11   Making Up For Lost Time   Brian Spence          
   12   Will You Never Be My Friend   Brian Spence          
   13   Hear It From The Heart   Brian Spence          
Personal Details
Price £0.33
Store Market Stall (Stockton "Green Dragon" Flea Market)
Cat. Number 947
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars N/A
Sound Stereo
An interesting purchase, and one of a number of these different cassettes I picked up. Needless to say, with the sparse information given on the cassette and the case, this is not an officially released version, more than likely a pirate copy that has somehow made its way over to these shores.

At the time of typing, I do not have a shot of the case, or the tape, but it is very generic in its design. The cover has a large "Billboard" logo on top, with the title of the album, followed by an image of the album cover.

The tape has no identification on what album is on there. Instead it looks like a generic black C90, with "Billboard - THE ONE AND THE BEST" stuck on it. The top has "DE ORIGINAL MADE IN INDONESIA" stamped on it, and the recording holes have not been punched out.

I have only had a quick listen to the tape itself, but you'll not be surprised to find that the bits I listened to were poor. It sounded like it had been taken from a record with scratches and pops all the way through the tracks. The tracks are also out of order from the original album, and in order to fill the rest of the C90 up, "they" have added some songs by a guy called Brian Spence. The quality control is top notch on this once, as they have managed to spell his name "Spance" on the cover. Nice work, guys!