Sacred Spirit - Volume 2 - Culture Clash
Virgin  (1997)
Alt-Folk, Folk, Native American, New Age

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CD Album    13 tracks  (59:49) 
   01   Intro             01:56
   02   Culture Clash             04:32
   03   Lay Down             04:40
   04   On The Road             04:14
   05   Legends             07:03
   06   To Be A Slave (Interlude)             05:58
   07   The Sun Won't Talk No More             05:32
   08   Black Progress             03:18
   09   Roots             06:38
   10   Babes In The Juke House             03:20
   11   To Be A Slave (Interlude)             05:15
   12   Slow And Easy             03:15
   13   Sonnet Xviii             04:08
Personal Details
Purchase Date
Price £2.00
Store HMV (Metrocentre - old store - now closed)
Location Upstairs Black Bookcase Shelf 4
Cat. Number CDV 2827
UPC (Barcode) 724384296223
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Purchased entirely for track 5, "Legends". I heard this many hears ago when someone requested the identification of a song in one of the music newsgroups (Usenet, now there's a blast from the past), to se eif I could name it. The answer was no, and I ended up also wanting to find out what it was, and even worse was the fact I only downloaded half the track. This was obviously before fast internet.

Needless to say, the original posting / thread was long gone, and I was also left with an unknown tune.

Eventually, I found out what it was. I can't remember how. I probably asked in a newsgroup myself. It was my very first purchase off itunes, but due to their DRM, I uninstalled it, and couldn't remember my details.

A quick through the "replay" shelves in the local HMV saw me purchase this CD. Hurrah.