Sacred Spirit - Volume 2 - Legends

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CDR    4 tracks  (23:59) 
   01   Legends (Andy Bradfield Remix Edit)             04:25
   02   Legends (Cj's Bass Injection Mix)             06:12
   03   Legends (Original Version)             07:16
   04   Legends (Andy Bradfield Remix)             06:06
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Package/Sleeve Condition Sleeveless
Location Folder 1
Packaging Sleeveless
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Originally purchased from itunes, ripped to CD for ease of access, and because itunes is abysmal. Therefore, that's the reason as listed on being on CDR and not a download.

Track 3 is the same as the album version which is also in the collection, and the one I was after.

Originally heard this song when I was scanning the newsgroups, and someone posted a "What's the name of this song?" type thing. It was just called "legend.mp3" so there wasn't that much to go on, and even worse, it didn't download complete... You're taslking the days of newsgroups / USenet, and dial-up modems. Often articles would expire before I got a chance to grab them. That's probably what happened here.

The only other time I've heard this track being used on anything was a brief clip on an old episode of BBC's "Click", which I happened to record.

I do like the use of the steel guitar samples.