Andrew Gold - What's Wrong With This Picture?
Asylum Records  (1976)
Pop Rock, Rock, Soft Rock

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LP    11 tracks  (41:03) 
   01   Hope You Feel Good             04:35
   02   Passing Thing             04:10
   03   Do Wah Diddy             02:51
   04   Learning The Game             04:07
   05   Angel Woman             01:33
   06   Must Be Crazy             04:12
   07   Lonely Boy             04:22
   08   Firefly             03:19
   09   Stay             04:45
   10   Go Back Home Again             03:10
   11   One Of Them Is Me             03:59
Personal Details
Location Downstairs cabinet
Cat. Number 7ES-1086
Packaging Sleeve
Spars N/A
Sound Stereo
RPM 33
Probably one of my favourite record covers of all times? Well, as the album name suggests, you have to spot what's wrong with the picture. I'm not sure just how many mistakes there are in it, but here's some of the ones I've spotted...

1. The horizon is different in each of the windows. It's lower down in the right window.
2. The right window is open, and the curtains aren't moving. The left window is closed, and the curtains are moving.
3. The chair's feet in the left of the picture are lifted off the ground
4. There's a white wine bottle open, but red wine in the glass
5. The guitar on the floor appears to be plugged into the telephone
6. There's a doorbell on the inside
7 There's no handle on the door