Alexei Sayle - 'ullo John! Gotta New Motor?
Island  (1984)
Electronic, Novelty, Synth-pop

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7 inch Vinyl    2 tracks  (07:32) 
   01   'ullo John! Gotta New Motor? (Part I)             03:23
   02   'ullo John! Gotta New Motor? (Part Ii)             04:09
Personal Details
Purchase Date 11/07/2015
Price £0.50
Store Record Fair (Middlesbrough)
Location Record Box (Black)
Cat. Number IS 162
Packaging Sleeve
Spars N/A
Sound Stereo
RPM 45
I'd probably put this in the top ten of the records I most hate. When I bought it, I thought it may have had a little novelty value, you know, like star trekkin' and the like. Unfortunately, this doesn't even come close, and just sounds like a load of noise to my poor little ears. Absolute garbage, nil points.