Various Artists - The 80's Collection 1983 Alive And Kicking - Cd 1
Time Life  (2000)

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CD Album    24 tracks  (90:04) 
The 80's Collection 1983 Alive And Kicking - Cd 1  (45:35)
   01   Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)   Eurythmics           03:34
   02   Have You Ever Seen The Rain   Bonnie Tyler           04:07
   03   Long Hot Summer   The Style Council           04:00
   04   Gold   Spandau Ballet           03:53
   05   Change   Tears for Fears           04:16
   06   Baby Come To Me   Patti Austin & James Ingram           03:36
   07   Living On Video   Trans X           03:49
   08   I.O.U.   Freeez           03:51
   09   Boxerbeat   Jo Boxers           02:55
   10   Only For Love   Limahl           03:57
   11   When We Were Young   Bucks Fizz           04:05
   12   Wham Rap (Enjoy What You Do)   Wham           03:32
Time Life - The 80`s Collection - Alive & Kicking - 1983 - Cd2  (44:29)
   01   Let`s Stay Togerther   Tina Turner           03:40
   02   In A Big Country   Big Country           03:53
   03   All Right   Christopher Cross           04:03
   04   That Was Then This Is Now   ABC           03:36
   05   Beat Surrender   Jam           03:23
   06   I Can Hear Your Heartbeat   Chris Rea           03:21
   07   I Dream To Sleep   H20           03:56
   08   Love Town             03:30
   09   Marguerita Time   Status Quo           03:21
   10   Der Kommissar   After The Fire           04:10
   11   Love On Your Side   Thompson Twins           03:51
   12   Overkill   Men At Work           03:45
Cat. Number TL 544/14
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Buy one booklet, get another one free! And, by that, I mean that in some kind of freakish manufacturingh defect, there are actually two CD inserts in the case instead of one. I've checked them ,and they're identical, so I bet the bods at the manufacturing depot, wherever it may be , are kicking themselves now!

All in all, not a bad little collection of songs from around this time. In a weird twist of the norm, I think I prefer the second disk more than the first, as disk 1 seems to include the "hits", whereas disk 2 seems to be the more obscxure songs.

Stand-out tracks are "I can Hear Your Heartbeat" by Chris Rea. I know he's done a few versions of this, but I think the original 1983 recording isn't in the collection, so hopefully, this is that. "Der Komissar" by After The Fire, is another good one.

Both disks seem to include a number of tracks I'm not familiar with. I'm sure I'll know them if and when I play them.