Chris de Burgh - Man On The Line
A&M Records  (1984)
Pop, Pop / Rock

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CD Album    10 tracks  (41:09) 
   01   Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night)             04:01
   02   Sight And Touch             03:14
   03   Taking It To The Top             04:01
   04   The Head And The Heart             04:01
   05   The Sound Of A Gun             04:29
   06   High On Emotion             04:26
   07   Much More Than This             02:57
   08   Man On The Line             04:24
   09   Moonlight And Vodka             03:37
   10   Transmission Ends             05:59
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Purchase Date 25/10/2014
Price £0.10
Store Cash Generator (Carlisle)
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Cat. Number 395 002-2
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
I'm not a fan of Chris De Burgh, but I do like the song "High on Emotion", which is featured on this album. I picked it up for 10p as it was without its proper case. A previous owner had moved it into a "CD Single" case. along with the booklet. This, of course isn't a problem for someone as pikey as me. The CDs tend to get ripped and then never played again

I've always liked "High On Emotion" ever since I first heard it on one of those infomercial things (or whatever us brits call them) that sell you 15,000 CDs for the low low price of £99.99.

It was one of those songs that stuck in my head after my trip to Austria, outside one of the stations, it was being played on a radio that some market stall seller was listening to. It's one of those moments when you're in a foreign country and you hear a song you know. A bit like that time I danced around in my underpants to "shadow On The Wall" by Mike Oldfield. But we won't go into that.