T'Pau - Heart and Soul - The 1985 Demos
Goldenlane  (2014)

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MP3 Download    18 tracks  (64:31) 
  play>  01   Heart and Soul (1985 Demo)             03:46
  play>  02   I Will Be With You (1985 Demo)             03:59
  play>  03   China in Your Hand (1985 Demo)             03:44
  play>  04   Friends Like These (1985 Demo)             03:54
  play>  05   Sex Talk (1985 Demo)             03:48
  play>  06   Bridge of Spies (1985 Demo)             04:01
  play>  07   Monkey House (1985 Demo)             03:13
  play>  08   Valentine (1985 Demo)             03:56
  play>  09   You Give Up (1985 Demo)             03:13
  play>  10   Just Once More (1985 Demo)             03:21
  play>  11   Telephone (1985 Demo)             03:57
  play>  12   Too Shy (1985 Demo)             03:07
  play>  13   Taking Time Out (1985 Demo)             03:39
  play>  14   Thank You for Goodbye (1985 Demo)             03:55
  play>  15   Imagine It Yourself (1985 Demo)             03:29
  play>  16   Don't Give It Up (1985 Demo)             03:13
  play>  17   This Is the Sound (1985 Demo)             03:05
  play>  18   On the Wing (1985 Demo)             03:11
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Purchase Date 01/10/2014
Price £7.49
Store Google Play (MP3)
Location NAS Drive
Packaging Download
Spars N/A
Sound Stereo
I reviewed this before I bought it. I'm sad like that. Well, OK, it's because I'd played it a few times on Spotify, seeing as I can't really can't carry Spotify around in my shirt pocket, I thought I'd take the plunge and buy my very first MP3 album from Google Play.

As far as I can see, this album has never had a CD release, and due to the fact it's a demo album and it's 2014, it's probably never going to, so really, buying MP3s was the only way I was going to get this. Oh well!

Here's the review...

t's an experience! If you're a fan of the original 1987 album from Carol + the rest of them, this is well worth a listen. It's a fascinating insight on how the somgs on the album were originally envisaged. Have you ever read the lyrics in the CD booklet / record sleeve, and wondered where those lyrics from Heart + Soul came from? Yeah, this is it. The version of "China In Youre Hand" is stunning, and shows Carol's voice for what it was good at. "Monkey House" sounds like the backing track was fed through a crashing synthesiser, but of course, this why they're demos! Don't expect superior audio quality on these, there's plenty of tape dropout. If anything, this just adds to it. If you were a child of the 80s, it's likely your first experience was from a knackered old cassette tape with plenty of miles under its belt. Mine certainly was!