Various Artists - Action Replay (Bbc Sporting Themes)
BBC Records  (1982)
Soundtrack, Stage & Screen

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LP    15 tracks 
   01   Bbc World Cup Grandstand (Jellicle Ball)   Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The; Harry Rabinowitz          
   02   Match Of The Day   Offside ; Mike Vickers          
   03   Sport On 2 (Number One)   Delle Haensch Band          
   04   Ski-Sunday (Pop Looks Bach)   New Dance Orchestra, The          
   05   Sports Report (Out Of The Blue)   Central Band Of The Royal Air Force; Wing Commander A. E. Sims, O.B.E.          
   06   Pot Black (Black And White Rag)   Winifred Atwell          
   07   Snooker (Drag Racer)   Douglas Wood Group, The          
   08   Kick Start (Be My Boogie Woogie Baby)   Mr. Walkie Talkie          
   09   Frame Of The Day (To The Unknown Man)   Vangelis          
   10   Sport On 4 (The Shuffle)   Van McCoy          
   11   Show Jumping (A Musical Joke - 4th Movement Presto)   Waldo De Los Rios          
   12   Grandstand   Sound Stage Orchestra          
   13   Darts (Cranes)   Douglas Wood Group, The          
   14   Sportsnight   Tony Hatch Orchestra          
   15   It's A Knockout (Bean Bag)   Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass          
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Price £1.00
Store Mind (Newcastle)
Cat. Number REH 441
Packaging Sleeve
Spars N/A
Sound Stereo
RPM 33
I wrote a blog post after picking up this album. I never published it, so here it is....

I've talked almost exclusively about my recent record finds, and this time, it's... sigh, no exception. Seeing as it's Shit Shop Saturday, and I was in Newcastle, you'd expect me to have a fll rucksack of complete tat to bleat about, but no, not this time, I bougbt one record, and admittedly, it's a bit of a find, even for me. It's BBC Record's 1982 release of their greatest sporting themes, based around the BBC World Cup Grandstand theme, of which I don't actually care about, and will probably never play

Jamie S so graciously offered to take me to Newcastle for a bit of a "Shit Shop Saturday" mooch, and how could I refuse? Fast forward 30ish miles, and a stop off to "Mind", one of my frequent haunts when I head this way to carry out SSS. They didn't have many CDs in, though a couple of boxes of LPs. One stood out a mine (naturally, the one I'm blogging about), but I decided not to buy it at the time. Nobody has got time for carrying an LP through Newcastle city centre for a few hours. I risked, going in there later, finding it sold.

Well, it wasn't sold, and for one of your English pounds, I picked it up...

Yes, 12 inches of pure, unadulterated.... music. Admittedly, my eyes were drawn towards the "Show Jumping" theme. Yeah, everyone of a certain age remembers that. It wasn't enough to make me buy the record outright, which is why it remained on the shelf.

It wasn't until I'd picked the record up, examined it more closely that the purchase was a certainty, as it has "Be my Boogie Woogie Baby" by Mr Walkie Talkie, as a track.At this point, I'm sure both of my readers are calling 99 thinking I've had some type of mental breakdown, but never fear, that above track is the theme to "Kickstart" the long-running motorbike challenge which would see experienced (and the not so experienced) members of the two-wheel stallion club attempt to guide their trusty steed around an obstacle course. With hilarious consequences. And by that, I mean, clips of riders being pulled out of flooded ditches by the St John's Ambulance. Bones and blood everywhere. OK, I make that last bit up, but health and safety no doubt drilled the nail into Kickstart's coffin, and while the insurance premiums rose, Mr Walkie Talkie's piece of plastic disappeared into obscurity, to be never heard again. A bit like Peter Purves.