The Fureys & Davey Arthur - When You Were Sweet Sixteen
Castle Communications  (1989)
Folk, Instrumental, Ireland, Irish Celtic, Irish Folk, Irish Music

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CD Album    12 tracks  (49:15) 
   01   I Will Love You Ev'ry Time             04:24
   02   Yesterday's People             03:04
   03   The Green Fields Of France             05:57
   04   The Lonesome Boatman             04:06
   05   The Old Man             03:44
   06   Oh! Babushka             03:20
   07   When You Were Sweet Sixteen             04:30
   08   Anniversary Song             04:00
   09   Belfast Mill (Oregon Mill)             03:50
   10   Siege Of A Nation             04:14
   11   Yesterday's Men             04:01
   12   My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose             04:05
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Cat. Number CLACD 171
UPC (Barcode) 5013428781715
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
It's yet another one of those CDs I've bought for just one track, and that particular track is "The Lonesome Boatman". I've never actually known a great deal about the song itself, but it was originally given to me when a late relative was getting rid of her old albums way back when I was just a wee child. Most of the albums were rubbish, but two tracks stood out from the albums I was given, and this is one of them.

It was included as part of a compilation album "More Green Velvel", published by Telstar some time in the mid 80s. It's all of the old Irish favourites, and other songs I've never heard of, compresssed onto poor quality vinyl. This track resided on the end of it.

Years went by, the album got scratched, and I ducked in and out of periods when I never had easy access to a decent record player. I probably discovered the album again at some point, and I remember listening to a really scratchy MP3 I'd made. I'd tried to find the version of the song I'd known, featuring acoustic guitar, electric bass, penny whistle and yes, even the odd seagull sample thrown in there for good measure. It had a very 80s sound about it.

Sadly, it didn't appear to be anywhere. Admittedly, discovering music through the internet consisted entirely of piracy at the time, and the only versions I could find were different recordings. Knowing very little about the song, I sort-of expected this, an knew ift would be difficult to find

Years pass, and veteran comedian Bob Monkhouse dies. I'm saddened by this, and so are the rest of the country as we mourn the passing of a true legend. Turns out, much like me, he was a hoarder of media, and had vast film and tape libraries of things which would have otherwise perished. a fascinating documentary was made. The music played over the credits was only "the Lonesome Boatman". I'd pretty much forgotten about the song at this point, but if it's in a recent documentary, there's GOT to be a copy out there somewhere.

On 13th August 2010 (yeah, I kept the receipt), I found an MP3, on Amazon, from the album "The Fureys Finest". Hoo-bloody-ray. the search was over. 69 new pence later, and I was downloading it!

Now I'm no audiophile, as you can see by the array of shit music in the collection, but this was a baaad master. Listening to it with headphones, you could quite clearly hear how degraded the master tape was. In parts, I'd be listening to it, and typing shit lie this and suddenly I'm distracted by an almost complete lack of audio on one channel. Fuck, the search continues.

so, yesterday, I'm on the way to work. Nothing surprising there, but I was on the "early bus" which meant I could stay on the bus and get to work half an hour early, or I could get off and waste 25 minutes in Peterlee. I almost never got off the bus, but at the last minute I thought "Sod it, at least if there's nothing in the charity shops, I can at least get a pastie from Greggs.

I enter the Salvation Army shop, which was to be my last stop of the day anyway, escept for worypoos. I scan the shelf, and there was the CD, and there was the track. Despite it being on "Castle", there's very little information about it. No copyright date, no track timings, and the ominous words "This recording has been transferred onto compact disc to obtain the best possible reproduction". Is it the same version? Is it as broken as the version I already have? Do I pay one shiny gold coin to take the chance? Nah, I put it back on the shelf. Going through, I found another couple of CDs worth purchasing, so I grabbed these, and yeah, I took the chance on this one too.

Well, if you've read through this rather epic note, you can only guess at the fact it's the right version, much better quality than the "Best Of" version, and 13 seconds longer than my previous version. Good lord, I love charity shops.