P. J. & Duncan - Psyche: The Album
Telstar  (1994)

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CD Album    12 tracks  (61:13) 
   01   Lets Get Ready To Rhumble             03:58
   02   One Look             04:01
   03   Why Me?             03:31
   04   She Scores A Perfect Ten             04:10
   05   Tonight I'm Free 94             03:44
   06   Eternal Love             03:56
   07   If I Give You My Number             03:14
   08   Talk About It             03:46
   09   Girlfriend             04:09
   10   Our Radio Rocks             04:02
   11   I Want You             04:27
   12   Free As A Bird             18:15
Personal Details
Purchase Date
Price £0.20
Store Cash Generator (Huddersfield)
Location Upstairs Black Bookcase Shelf 4
Cat. Number TCD 2746
UPC (Barcode) 5014469527461
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Now, this was one of those "sneaky" purchases. When I'm in shops such as "Cash Generator", and the CDs are piling up, he likes to occasionally slip an embarrassing one into the pile. This one appeared on the shelves, he picked it up, and asked me if I wanted to purchase it. Naturally,, my response was "NO", but I had a feeling he'd do something with it, such as slap it into the afore-mentioned pile of other rot I'd purchased.

I was not disappointed. While the cashier checked up the pile of 24 CDs, he'd distracted me as it went through the scanner, and indded, it ended up in the little blue and white carrier bag.

Don't get me wrong, the songs on there are absolutely diabolical. Unbelieveable rhyming such as "So many lyrics, we keep them in stores. We've even got them coming out of our pores". No, you don't really, do you? The song credits list the writers as Lew/Otton/Graham, heaning that Mr. McPartlin and Donnelly lied to us through song. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!

It will, however, hold just that little, special spot in my heart, as they were the first "celebrities" i ever saw, as they appeared at the TFM Roadshow down in Seaton Carew, probably around the same time this song was popular. I remember not being particularly impressed with their performance, and half way through, me and the friend who I was with t the time, decided to hit the arcades. Classics such as Ridge Racer were just starting to become available, and they were the busiest machines. I think I had my first ever go on it that day. I didn't do very well.

by the end of the day, we were burying each other on the beach. It seems like yesterday, so it's hard to think it's almost 20 years ago. That means that these two have been on our tellies for over 20 years. Erk. I've already taken the opportunity to rip a copy of the album, and I'm listening to it now. It's absolutely dreadful, but I'm sort of glad I actually have a copy.