Sophie B Hawkins - Right Beside You
Columbia  (1994)

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CD Single    4 tracks  (20:44) 
   01   Right Beside You [radio 7'' Mix]             04:12
   02   Right Beside You [classic Club Mix]             05:57
   03   Right Beside You [hard Floor Mix]             05:32
   04   The Ballad Of The Sleeping Beauty             05:03
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Price £0.50
Store British Heart Foundation (Birmingham)
Location Mick's Bookcase Shelf 3
Cat. Number 660691 2
UPC (Barcode) 5099766069128
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
this is one of those records I've been after for years. 18 years, it would appear. Way back when I was a spotty teenager, it received extensive airplay at the time, and was known for having the opening lyrics, whcih I still don't know... something like "Birds do it bees do it. Even sacrilegious trees do it." Naturally, I rushed out, bought it, came home, stuck it in my huge Alba CD player, only to find it was a completely different version It didn't have the opening whispering, and the main drum beat was missing. Gah!

It was the first time I'd ever known a record to have differences from the version they'd always play on the radio, and the version I was holding in my hand. It was also the first time I'd came across CD singles with multiple releases (i.e. CD1, CD2). Money wasn't hard to come by in those days, and I was a little disappointed that I'd bought a CD with three useless mixes. I think this halted my music collecting in its tracks for a good few months.

Several years ago , I was given a number of old Time-Life CDs that we used to sell (yes, in my old job, I was one of those idiots sat at the end of those "Don't wait, call now, but wait there's more!" phone lines, taking orders from very drunk people. One of the CDs had the "good" mix, so I knew the version I liked must have been officially released somewhere.

Fast-forward to summer 2012. I'm in Birmingham, having a charity-shop rummage, and I managed to find THIS release... the "good one".