Abba - Chiquitita
Epic  (1978)
Disco, Electronic, Pop Rock, Rock

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7 inch Vinyl    2 tracks  (09:12) 
   01   Chiquitita             05:26
   02   Lovelight             03:46
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Location Wham Box 1
Cat. Number S EPC 7030
Packaging Sleeve
Spars N/A
RPM 45
I think this is probably one of my favourite Abba songs. It's also the first one I discovered which was recorded in a foreign language, as they recorded this one (and many of their other songs) in Spanish.

the Spanish version is longer by about 10 seconds, as the fadeout is longer. It is possible (though with great difficulty, as it seems they were recorded at slightly different speeds) to merge these two versions, as the backing track is the same. I did a version that had the Spanish version in one channel, and the English version in another. Admittedly, it sounded terible, but it was an interesting little project to play about with in Audacity for a couple of hours.