Hollie Smith - Light From A Distant Shore
Etherean Music  (1999)

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CD Album    12 tracks  (50:36) 
   01   Gone             03:18
   02   A Lover's Tale             04:44
   03   Fields Of Athenry             05:20
   04   The World I Know             04:22
   05   In Your Arms             03:19
   06   Light From A Distant Shore             03:37
   07   An Eriskay Love Lilt             03:33
   08   Rowan Tree             04:13
   09   Fallen Flowers             05:26
   10   Dream             04:37
   11   Skye Boat Song             04:44
   12   Amazing Grace             03:23
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Purchase Date 28/11/2008
Price £4.49
Store Ebay
Location Upstairs Black Bookcase Shelf
Cat. Number 3001-2
UPC (Barcode) 097347300122
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
It's another one of those albums I know simply thanks to one track... the first track, "Gone". It was played on the radio while I happened to be out with my dad somewhere. It might have been one of the last time I ever went out with him to work.

Loved the track. Took me ages to find the album, eventually tracked down a copy.