Heather Nova - London Rain
V2  (1998)
Indie Rock, Rock

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CD Single    3 tracks  (10:17) 
   01   London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)             03:53
   02   Grow Young             03:10
   03   Water From Wine             03:14
Personal Details
Purchase Date 15/12/1999
Price £4.99
Store HMV (Newcastle - closed, now in Eldon Square)
Package/Sleeve Condition New
Tags expensive
Cat. Number VVR5001883
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Nothing says "I like a song" than paying over the odds for a CD single version of it. I do, really, really like this song, but do refret paying this price for it. After all, it was 2 years before I would be getting a fully paid job, therefore I was on the dole, and this figure would have taken a sizeable chunk out it. even more gutting was the fact i found it on the "dawsons Creek" soundtrack a short time later, and I think I paid less for that than I did this single.

I also remember it was one of the very first songs I'd ripped as an MP3 for myself. One thing I do remember is that I made a complete pigs bollock of it. The vocals in the song are pretty prominent, and any line with an "S" sound just sounded like some garbled, dgital mess. Thankfully, technology has moved on, and the version I'm currently playing is entirely listenable.

I've kept the sticker on the case for this song, so I could look at it 12 years later, and just shake my head at paying anything close to this for an individual piece of music. It's under 4 minutes long, so that works out at over £1.25 per minute. Madness!