The Sidh - Another Way to Fly

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FLAC Download    14 tracks  (48:23) 
  play>  01   Shake That Bagpipe             03:49
  play>  02   The Silk Road             04:11
  play>  03   Khan (feat. Marcin Ruminski)             03:01
  play>  04   Alba             03:34
  play>  05   Iridium             04:08
  play>  06   I Can't Let Go (feat. Tim Chaisson)             03:13
  play>  07   Sileadh             03:32
  play>  08   Vault 04             03:07
  play>  09   Reeloading             03:37
  play>  10   Heroes (feat. Ross Ainslie)             03:24
  play>  11   Goldie's Goldie (feat. Colin Goldie)             03:15
  play>  12   YUKI             03:23
  play>  13   Gemina XIII             02:48
  play>  14   From Father to Son             03:21
Personal Details
Purchase Date 13/03/2021
Price £6.49
Store 7Digital
Packaging Download
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
I can't remember where I initially heard about this album. Not sure if someone told me about it, knowing my love for dancy, flutey music. One thing I remember is that the initial track I heard was "Iridium". Liked it, checked out the rest of the album, loved "Alba" even more, and this was the track I eventually ended up buying the album for.

Sems to have had a very limited CD release, and is currently (at the time of typing) on Amazon for £19.33, and an MP3 album price of £9.99. Ouch. that's a stinger.

Thankfully, it's on Spotify, and that's been my usual way or listening. Something made me look to see if I could get it anywhere else. That's when I came across 7digital's page for the album, and found I could get the FLAC for much cheaper than either the CD or MP3 off amazon, and while the CD medium would have been nice, having the files at lossless CD format is just as good I suppose.