Eunan McIntyre - Alive

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CD Album    13 tracks  (50:40) 
   01   Dance To The Fiddle             03:07
   02   Angela Rose             04:26
   03   Falling In Love With You             03:15
   04   The Carraig Una             04:01
   05   Raithlin Sky             04:54
   06   The Hands Of Time             04:15
   07   The Guitar Pickin' Man             03:06
   08   All The Love You Bring             03:41
   09   The Place I Call Home             03:51
   10   Autumn Leaves             03:33
   11   Does Anybody Know The Score             03:36
   12   Rose Of Summer             04:11
   13   Josie             04:44
Personal Details
Tags Charity Shop Donations 2020
Cat. Number ERSCD-010616
Packaging Jewel Case
Sound Stereo
I've never heard of this guy, so here's the blurb from inside of the CD case...

Eunan McIntryre is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Glencolmciffe in Co. Donegal, Ireland. He is inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings in which he grew up, being part of a big family (he's one of 16 children) and his love of traditional ballads. His songs "Josie" and "Dance To The Fiddle" have both won awards and are included on this CD.

Eunan has, so far, released five albums and a new DVD based on his own material. His first album was just called "Collection of Songs" and then he released "All the love myou Bring", "Raithlin Sky" and "Blown on a Breeze". He has also released a live album with the Swiss band Tacha based on a project called "the Challenge Between Cultures"