Frank Kelly - Christmas Countdown / Yuletide Moonshine
Ritz Records  (1983)
Comedy, Non-Music, Novelty, Pop, Rock

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7 inch Vinyl    2 tracks 
   01   Christmas Countdown            
   02   Yuletide Moonshine            
Personal Details
Purchase Date 01/12/2019
Price £1.00
Store Record Fair (Northallerton)
Cat. Number ritz 062
Packaging Sleeve
RPM 45
Ahhh, finally! I found this again after so many years. It went missing, and I've never been able to find another copy, but thanks to this record fair being at the start of December, some kind gentleman had searched through his collection and separated out all of the Christmas stuff, and this was amongst it. I, to this day, hjave no idea what happened to my original copy. I think I got it originally in that huge box of record I've acquired from the Middlesbrough car boot sale all of those years ago, not knowing at the time who Frank Kelly was. Obviously, after my discovery of Father Ted, I hastily went back through the collection and played it. However, when it came to revisit my collection many years later and begin catraloguing and converting properly, this one was nowhere to be seen.

I have a feeling I know what happened to it, but I'm not going to say. Not in a public forum anyway.