One 2 Many - Downtown
A&M Records  (1988)
Electronic, House

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12 inch Vinyl    2 tracks  (12:53) 
   01   Downtown (House 12" Mix)             06:45
   02   Downtown (Dub Mix)             06:08
Personal Details
Purchase Date 05/04/2007
Price £2.00
Store Ebay
Location Downstairs cabinet
Cat. Number SP-17825
Packaging Sleeve
Spars N/A
Sound Stereo
RPM 45
As much as I love the song, I did end up picking up the "House Mix" with some curiousity. It's as a bad as I could possibly imagine. They took Camilla's vocals, stuck a late 1980s drum machine and a sampler, with about 2K of sample memory, pressed record, and hoped for the best. It's really not the best thing I've heard.

But then, as I'm typing this, I'm listening to it, and not reaching for the stop button. It's so bad, I like it. Not in the same euphoric state I'd be, if I once again heard the album version of "Downtown" on the radio, but I've not pressed stop yet.

If it was any other song, I'd hate it.

Details off the label whileI have the record to hand. It's a promo copy, so this may not even have been released.

"Remix and post production... Mankut productions
Engineer: Kevin "KVOC" O'Conner, John Hiler.
Additional keyboards: Kevin Wyatt & John Hiller