La Toya Jackson - He's My Brother
Success  (1994)

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CD Album    12 tracks  (50:00) 
   01   Sexual Feeling             05:24
   02   You And Me             04:36
   03   He's My Brother             03:44
   04   Restless Heart             03:41
   05   Playboy (Be Me)             04:19
   06   You Can Count On Me             04:01
   07   Somewhere             03:27
   08   Bad Girl             04:06
   09   Be My Lover             04:25
   10   He's So Good To Me             03:47
   11   (Do The) Salsa             04:11
   12   Piano Man             04:19
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Purchase Date 11/10/2018
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Cat. Number 22503CD
UPC (Barcode) 5708574325035
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
This CD really does not have a quality feel about it. I picked it up because it was 20p, and the fact that I can't even find a cover online (at the time of typing)is not filling my heart with glee. Of course, there is the quality stamp that says "Produced from the original master recordings", wwhich I suppose is a bonus. You often find that these "Made in EEC" CDs are as far away from the original masters as it's possible to get.

According to Discogs, this is actually a reissue of her 1990 album "Bad Girl". According to Wikipedia, Jackson was going through a bad time of things by the time this "Success" album was released, so I assume they bought the masters for pennies, knoccked up some pitiful artwork, and stuck a new name on it so see if they could fool both of her fans into picking up a new albumm.

Curiosity made me spend 20 pence on this glittering turd. It's probably not worth it.