Enigma - Mcmxc A.D.
Virgin Schallplaten Gmbh  (1991)
Club Dance, Club/Dance, Ethnic Fusion, New Age

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CD Album    15 tracks  (60:20) 
   01   The Voice Of Enigma             02:08
   02   Principles Of Lust             04:15
   03   Callas Went Away             04:49
   04   Principles Of Lust - Sadeness (Reprise)             02:48
   05   Callas Went Away             04:29
   06   Mea Culpa             04:53
   07   The Voice & The Snake             01:45
   08   Knocking On Forbidden Doors             04:27
   09   Back To The Rivers Of Belief - Way To Eternity             02:19
   10   Back To The Rivers Of Belief - Hallelujah             04:15
   11   Back To The Rivers Of Belief - The Rivers Of Belief             03:31
   12   Sadeness (Meditation)             02:43
   13   Mea Culpa (Fading Shades)             06:04
   14   Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust)             04:50
   15   The Rivers Of Belief (The Returning Silence)             07:04
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Purchase Date 21/08/2018
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Cat. Number CDVIR 10
UPC (Barcode) 077778642329
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Got this one *again* as I don't think I had a decent rip of it, and no idea where the other copies are. I'm not sure if the other ones have the bonus tracks or not, and seeing as it was 33p, I thought it was a worthwhile investment. If I'd have thought, I could have looked, but never mind.

EDIT 01/08/2020 - Well, I've definitely got a good rip of it now, so this copy is off to the charity shop. Apparently, the other copy has turned up now anyway, it's got a location next to it.