Hedgehogs With Attitude - Supersonic

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CD Single    3 tracks  (16:16) 
   01   Supersonic             04:02
   02   Supersonic (12" Mix)             06:02
   03   Supersonic (12" Instrumental)             06:12
Personal Details
Location Folder 3
Packaging Sleeveless
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Released during the short-lived "Computer Game Soundtrack" wars of 1992, where a bunch of popular games had their sountrackis given a drum beat, and questionable breakdowns that they didn't really need. "Tetris", "Super Mario Land" and Sonic all received the treatment, and I'd go so far as to say this is the worst of the bunch. It certainly doesn't have the charm of "Tetris", nor does it have the questionable rapping of "SML".

The "Sonic Medley" barely makes it into the tune at all, with the majority of the song being some woman gargling such phrases as "We're on a Supersonic High", and "Let me Take you Higher".

As mentioned, I believe this was the last one of the three to be released, and by far the weakest by some considerable margin.