Jahman Brahman - Live And Well, Flaws And All

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CDR    10 tracks  (79:10) 
   01   Habitual Biped             03:57
   02   Nature Self             03:52
   03   Sidecar Sundown             06:07
   04   Oddeyesee             06:53
   05   Scope Scale             09:35
   06   Without Words Jam             06:39
   07   Newfields             10:15
   08   Appétit             10:56
   09   Cannonball             13:53
   10   Alibi             07:03
Personal Details
UPC (Barcode) 700216411354
Packaging Sleeve
Live Yes
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
As the title suggests, this is a live album. I know very little about this CD. It's possibly a promotonal copy, as although the label and sleeve look professionally printed, and apart from the barcode, there are no other markings.

The text on the back reads "Special thinks to Woodlands Tavern For Hosting us Andy Sartain for recording and mixing the show, Harold Laurie for mastering, Pristique Tucker for the apbum art, Arriaza Photography for the back, And Alex Gonzaled for our ever trusty logo! What a light it was! Spread Peace!

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Jahman Brahman is a five-member collaboration originating from Columbus, Ohio in 2005. They currently reside in the mountains of Asheville, NC. The name Jahman Brahman emerged from the band's goal to achieve ultimate musical cohesion: each instrument a facet of a single greater goal to deliver music from the heart of one. The band strives to leave the listener with thoughts of love, life, and the wonders experienced while being part of an extraordinary musical family. Shred 'N' Flow is how Jahman Brahman describes their unique style, meaning dynamic sound with a wide breadth of influence, but a focus on rich and fluid progressions of energy. Each member's musical intuition and influences are unique. From Classic Rock to Electronica to Punk to Jazz, elements from many genres are found in the band's music. As a result the band pioneers new sounds as the coalescence of their diverse styles unfolds into powerful jams and creative compositions. Providing the low end, Nate "Brother" Brown brings his own style of funked-out and super-fresh bass grooves. Layered on top are Josh Loffer's transcendent key strokes and myriad of effects, which highlight Justin Brown's full and conscious lyrics. Drummer Rowdy Keelor provides a steady concrete pulse, the heartbeat for Casey Chanatry's riveting guitar-work.