CaVa CaVa - Where's Romeo?
Regard Records  (1982)
Pop, Synth-pop

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7 inch Vinyl    2 tracks  (05:37) 
   01   Where's Romeo?             03:06
   02   See Saw And Sway             02:31
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Purchase Date 24/03/2018
Price £0.50
Store Betterdaze (Northallerton, Zetland Road)
Location Amazon Record Box 1
Cat. Number RG 103
Packaging Sleeve
RPM 45
A re-entry into the connection. Had this many moons ago - think I picked it up from Middlesbrough Stadium in the massive box of records I'd bought one Sunday. I can't ever remember playing it, and it just disappeared. Maybe I'd broken it, can't remember.

Anyway, I picked it up again. Though, I have a feeling the same thing will happen, don't really have any interest in playing it!