Diesel - Come To Me
Parlophone  (1992)

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CD Single    3 tracks  (14:59) 
   01   Come To Me             04:28
   02   Rear View Mirror             05:14
   03   Come To Me (Dub Mix)             05:17
Personal Details
Cat. Number CDR 6322
UPC (Barcode) 094632390523
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Unfamiliar with the artist, I picked this up for 10p, thinking it would make a decent replacement case if it turns out I didn't like the song. Upon playing it, I immediately recognised the voice, and found it's actually Johhny Diesel, the lead singer of Johnny Diesel + The Injectors. This was his first solo release, and only reached #93 on the UK charts. After listening to it, it's probably due to the fact it wasn't the type of music that was "cool at the time. This is a bit "bluesy", and back then, the charts would have been filled with bleeps and bloops. It fared better in his native Australia though, and New Zealand, where it reached the top 10.