The Root Doctors - Low Life

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CD Album    10 tracks  (69:42) 
   01   Low Life             06:15
   02   Clean Up Woman             05:04
   03   Life             04:49
   04   Ride Em Cowboy             06:59
   05   Walk On Gilded Splinters             09:04
   06   Come Back, Sweet Brother             06:41
   07   Such A Night             07:29
   08   Comin' In             07:36
   09   Just Like That             05:18
   10   Diy And Outro             10:27
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Purchase Date 24/02/2018
Price £0.10
Store That's Entertainment (Middlesbrough - new store - now closed)
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Packaging Sleeveless
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
I have a feeling I'm not going to like this one. Judging by the Wikipedia page for the place where this was recorded (The Four Bars Inn", it's one of those "jazz clubs" Nice. I'm certianly not a fan of jazz. I only found this worth mentioning because someone with the name "Nappy Brown" played there in 1988, and it was such a momentous experience that it got mentioned as one of the few events to actually happen there.

Anyway, it's changed its name now,and at last check (i.e.the day I bought this CD), it's called "Dempseys"

I'm not able to find any official information about the CD, or evenb what year it came out.