Cheryl Cole - 3 Words
Polydor  (2009)
Female Vocal, Pop

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CD Album    11 tracks  (43:57) 
   01   3 Words           04:33
   02   Parachute             03:40
   03   Heaven           04:36
   04   Fight For This Love             03:43
   05   Rain On Me             03:49
   06   Make Me Cry             04:35
   07   Happy Hour             04:06
   08   Stand Up             03:25
   09   Don't Talk About This Love             03:46
   10   Boy Like You           04:30
   11   Heartbreaker           03:14
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Purchase Date 24/02/2018
Price £0.10
Store That's Entertainment (Middlesbrough - new store - now closed)
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Cat. Number 2721459
UPC (Barcode) 602527214597
Packaging Sleeveless
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
I don't know why I bought this, apart from the fact it was 10p, and.... well, I've heard of it. If it was any more, it'd have stayed inb the box. It's one of the ones that I picked up "for reference"... somewhere doen the line, there might be a chance, that someone, somewhere will want to listen to it, and I can be like "Well, hang on a sec, if I can just dig out Folder 19 over there...."

I can't stand anything this woman has ever done, said, or will do and say in the future. This piece of excrement just shows how bad this era of music was.

"Fight For This Love" could possibly be called a catchy song, but listen to it with headphones, and the autotune could quite easily knock you off your balance. A very, very poor showing.