Mike Oldfield - Five Miles Out (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 1)
Mercury  (2013)
Progressive Rock

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CD Album    7 tracks  (57:42) 
   01   Taurus Ii             24:45
   02   Family Man             03:45
   03   Orabidoo             13:03
   04   Mount Teidi             04:10
   05   Five Miles Out             04:22
   06   Waldberg (The Peak)             03:27
   07   Five Miles Out Demo Version             04:10
Personal Details
Purchase Date 26/01/2017
Price £3.00
Store CEX (Hartlepool)
Location Mick's Bookcase Shelf 1
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Cat. Number 374043-7
UPC (Barcode) 0602537404384
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
I originally picked up a copy of this from "that's "Entertainment" in Washington. Paid £2 and found that the CD was cracked. Not worthwhile going back, so although, I've owned it, I've not catalogued it, for fear of it spinning up and then shattering in the DVD drive. Might never have happened, but it means that I've had to make do with listening to a vinyl copy of this for ages., which also skipped, just as you're getting into it.

Imagine my surprise when in the local CEX, I managed to pick this up for £3, even better when I realised it was the remastered version. OK, most people will look at this and realised I paid £3 for it, more than my going rate for CDs, but this would appear to be a rare one. All of Mike's other remasters are readily available, but this one just isn't. A shame because it's a really good album. The almost 25-minute "Taurus II" is a masterpiece, and is one of my favourite long tracks of his.