Herbert Grönemeyer - 4630 Bochum
EMI  (1984)
Pop Rock, Rock

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CD Album    10 tracks  (38:43) 
  play>  01   Bochum             03:46
  play>  02   Männer             03:58
  play>  03   Flugzeuge Im Bauch             03:51
  play>  04   Alkohol             04:27
  play>  05   Amerika             03:24
  play>  06   Für Dich Da             03:22
  play>  07   Jetzt Oder Nie             04:56
  play>  08   Fangfragen             04:15
  play>  09   Erwischt             03:59
  play>  10   Mambo             02:45
Personal Details
Purchase Date 20/07/2007
Price £19.99
Store Kaufhaus des Westens (Berlin)
Package/Sleeve Condition New
Location Upstairs Black Bookcase Shelf 4
Cat. Number CDP 564-1469052
UPC (Barcode) 724349950221
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Purchased in Berlin, for €19.99. I wouldn't say picking up this CD was the main reasons I went to Germany, but to be honest, it was in my top 10 reasons. "Männer" is the best song on there for me... well, to be fair, at the time of typing, I think it's the only song I've listened to in the album. I could have got it off ebay much cheaper than the price I paid, but where's the fun in that?

What I also can't understand is why the copyright information on this CD is written in English. As far as I know, this CD was not released in the UK, and considering it appeals mainly to a German audience, you'd have though it would have been in German too.

This version appears to be a later release, as it's under the "Gronland" record label.