The Chemical Brothers - Brother's Gonna Work It Out
Virgin  (1998)
Big Beat, Electronic

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CD Album    5 tracks  (68:55) 
   01   Brother's Gonna Work It Out/Not Another Drugstore (Planet Nine Mix)/Block Rockin Beats/This Ain't Chicago/It's Just Begun             10:52
   02   Makin' A Living/Hot Wheels (The Chase)/The Theme (Unique Mix) /Gimme Some Love             09:13
   03   The Jazz/Sidewinder (312 Vs 216 Stomp Mix)/Doin' It After Dark (D-Ski's Dance)/Don't Stop The Rock/To A Nation Rockin'             15:37
   04   Morning Lemon/Mars Needs Women/Thunder/Losing Control/Mother Earth             14:51
   05   The Riot/Trip Harder/Everything Must Go (Chemical Brothers Remix)/I Think I'm In Love (Chemical Brothers Vocal Remix)   Barry de Vorzon and Perry Botkin Jnr. / The Ultraviolet Ctastrophe / Manic Street Preachers / Spritualized           18:22
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