Nick Kamen - Move Until We Fly
WEA  (1990)

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CD Album    11 tracks  (47:44) 
   01   I Promised Myself             04:00
   02   Oh How Happy             03:43
   03   Looking Good Diving             03:52
   04   Somebody's Arms To Hold Me             03:52
   05   Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um             03:51
   06   Take Back My Hand Child             04:52
   07   We Can Make It             04:22
   08   Agony And Ecstasy             03:58
   09   You Are             04:00
   10   I Want More             04:33
   11   Move Until We Fly             06:41
Personal Details
Purchase Date 10/11/2005
Price £2.99
Store Ebay
Location Ikea Box 1
Cat. Number WE 835
UPC (Barcode) 090317105925
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars AAD
Sound Stereo
Purchased for the first track on the album, namely "I Promised Myself" - a song I heard after finishing a nightshift, and walking around the shopping centre. It just happened to be playing over the tannoy system, and considering the shopping centre was deserted, I was able to actually make out some of the lyrics, and scribble them on a bus ticket.

A quick trip to ebay later found the album it was included on.

While I was in Germany, which seems like many moons ago, I was able to pick up "I Pomised Myself" on 7" in immaculate condition.