Flaming June - Rejoice
Anchoress  (1999)

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CD Single    4 tracks  (16:10) 
   01   Rejoice             03:37
   02   Round And Round             04:54
   03   Jilted At The Altar             03:48
   04   Lifer             03:51
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Location Ikea Box 4
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Cat. Number ANCHORCD 1
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
This is one of those songs that you hear once, and it never actually leaves your head. Well, for me anyway.

I'm sure I heard this originally on "Talk Radio" (later talksport) on possibly the James Whale show. My memory is hazy. Despite it being a talk show, during "quiet times", or whenever the afore-mentioned DJ needed to be away from the microphone, he'd stick on a song. Never a well-known song, as that would just be crazy. Maybe a really good-sounding indie band, or something.

And this is where I first heard this song. The internet was just about available, and if memory serves me correctly, I picked up my first copy directly from the band's website.

Played it, inevitably broke it, and picked this copy up, probably off ebay or something.

Anyway, onto the record. It really is one of those songs that's stayed with me since the first time I heard it. Strange vocals, strange drums that sound slightly off, and a violin part that somehow moulds everything together.

I could literally go for yearsb without hearing this song, and I have, but something, every so often will start a chain reaction that brings the entire song flooding back.

I can't say it's recommended listening, but it's stuck with me for long enough.

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