Rofo - Rofo's Theme
ZYX Music  (1992)

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CD Single    3 tracks  (18:10) 
   01   Rofo's Theme (PWL Mix)             06:32
   02   Rofo's Theme (Radio Edit)             03:07
   03   Rofo's Theme (Original Version)             08:31
Personal Details
Price £0.99
Store Rialto Exchange (Hartlepool - now closed)
Location Ikea Box 4
Cat. Number ZYX 6826-8
UPC (Barcode) 090204043279
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
I remember exactly where I bought this, and how much I paid for it, the weather, and what I did afterwards, but the exact date shall remain a mystery. I was out of a job at the time, and I think I'd turned up somewhere early, or I'd been somewhere and had a few hours to kill. Either way, I was at a loose end. There was a second-hand shop on Raby Road, called the Rialto Exchange. It had a huge collection of CDs, mostly singles.

As you already know, I clearly picked up the CD from this store, but why the massive recollection?

I used to go on holiday to a place called Sandy Bay, near Ashington, somewhere up the coast somewhere (It's between Ashington and Newbiggin). Every year, I'd be signed up to the Sandy Bay Smilers club. Basically, this was a supervised kids disco, where the parents could throw their juveniles while they went in the other room and got pissed. I've got some great memories of it, and this song was one of those memories. It was always played towards the end of the night. The rest of the night was filled with (literally) a c90 cassette, repeated so much, I could co-ordinate my dance moves with the jumping of the records.

When the tape ran out, they'd play one of the records they owned, and this was one of them. Now that I think of it, this was probably from a c90 too. But, either way. I loved the song, mainly for it's half second "doo" sample.

I'd totally forgotten about the record, until 1995. A community radio station had been set up nearby for 30 days. It's another one of those "chance" moments, but I happened to have a c90 to hand. This was literally the lowest quality tape known to man, and although I still have it somwhere, it's probably not playable. One thing I do know, however is that it had momentary snippets of my dad sending "packet radio" over the top of it.

An obligatory mix led me into recording "Where Were You Last Night" by Ankie Bagger onto the same tape. Because it was a community radio station, when they came to announcing the records, it was horribly quiet, and for years, I went around looking for "Roper - Roper's theme".

Fast forward a couple of years, I'm killing time, looking through the masses of singles at the afore-mentioned "Rialto Exchange", while waiting to attend a meeting with the "Millennium Volunteers", which was time entirely wasted if I'm honest. I got a t-shirt out of it. All I really cared about is getting the CD home and playing it, to verify it was indeed the same tune. And it was!

The original mix has a strange "fault", as around the 7-minute mark, the left channel volume dips considerably, for about a minute or so. It actually feels uncomfortable if you're listening to it with headphones, as it's very noticeable. The same fault is apparent on the Loading Bay 12" pressing too. The other version of Rofo's Theme I have on CD also includes the original version, but it is faded out 2 mins early, before the fault occurs, which leads me to believe the master tape itself is damaged.