Westworld - Silvermac
RCA  (1987)
Electro, Electronic, Rock

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10 inch Vinyl    4 tracks  (13:33) 
   01   Silvermac             03:41
   02   Sonic Boom Boy (Original Mix)             02:52
   03   Steel Toed Engineer             04:01
   04   Fly Westworld             02:59
Personal Details
Purchase Date 07/05/2016
Price £0.50
Store Record Fair (Northallerton)
Cat. Number BOOM G 4
Packaging Sleeve
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
Double grooved record, which means when you put the needle on the record, you don't actually know whether you're gonna get track 1 or track 2. An interesting concept, and at the time of typing, the only one of these examples that I own. There are others out there. I think it was Monty Python that did an entire album like this.