Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now
Epic  (1981)
Pop Rock, Rock

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7 inch Vinyl    2 tracks 
   01   Who Can It Be Now            
   02   Anyone For Tennis            
Personal Details
Purchase Date 07/05/2016
Price £0.50
Store Betterdaze (Northallerton, Zetland Road)
Location Record Box (Brown)
Cat. Number EPC A2392
Packaging Sleeve
RPM 45
Bought for the B side, and its happy little instrumental "Anyone for Tennis". Have two copies of this, one I bought from ebay, but never bothered cataloguing because it appeared to be in bad shape, with a tatty cover, and apparently scratched record. Managed to pick another one up at Betterdaze for 50p

Played the new copy (well, a few seconds of it, anyway) and it sounded awful. Got the old ebay cope, and it doesn't sound as bad. So I swapped the covers, and have a half decent copy now.

The old copy is in amazon Box 2, should I ever need it.