Snow Patrol - Up To Now
Fiction  (2009)
Indie, Pop / Rock, Pop Rock, Pop/Rock, Rock

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CD Album    30 tracks  (120:21) 
Up To Now (Disc 1)  (57:35)
   01   Chocolate             03:02
   02   Chasing Cars             04:27
   03   Crack The Shutters             03:22
   04   Set The Fire To The Third Bar   Martha Wainwright           03:24
   05   Crazy In Love             04:25
   06   Just Say Yes             04:42
   07   Batten Down The Hatch             03:29
   08   You're All I Have             04:33
   09   Hands Open             03:17
   10   Cartwheels             04:09
   11   The Planets Bend Between Us             04:03
   12   Ask Me How I Am             02:36
   13   On/Off             02:41
   14   Making Enemies             04:21
   15   Run (Mencap Little Noise Sessions, Live At The Unionchapel)             05:04
Up To Now (Disc 2)  (62:46)
   01   Take Back The City             04:42
   02   Shut Your Eyes             03:17
   03   An Olive Grove Facing The Sea             04:59
   04   Run             05:57
   05   Give Me Strength             03:24
   06   Signal Fire             04:27
   07   Spitting Games             03:48
   08   Open Your Eyes             05:40
   09   Dark Roman Wine             04:17
   10   Fifteen Minutes Old             03:09
   11   You Are My Joy             03:46
   12   The Golden Floor             03:19
   13   Starfighter Pilot             03:20
   14   Ppp             03:25
   15   Chasing Cars (Mencap Little Noise Sessions, Live At The Unionchapel)             05:16
Personal Details
Purchase Date 13/01/2016
Price £1.00
Store Hartlepool Hospice (Middleton Grange)
Location Mick's Bookcase Shelf 2
Cat. Number 2720709
UPC (Barcode) 602527207094
Packaging Jewel Case
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo
I first saw this on the Monday, on sale for £2. I thought about it, but didn't think myself as enough of a Snow Patrol fan to part with two gold coins. I looked at it, checked the track listing to see if "Spitting Games" was on there. It was the first Snow Patrol song, given away as a 30 day trial, back when Winamp was a lad.

They were just starting to trial out some type of DRM, and this was shipped with it, and designed to stop working after 30 days. Indeed, this happened, and the song became a distant memory.

Anyway, I happened to spot the track on there, and those happy memories were almost enough to make me rush to the counter and buy it. But not quite.

I put it back on the shelf

I continued walking around the shopping centre. The shopping centre isn't that big, so I can't have been more than 5-10 minutes in the foos establishment of my choice. Honestly, I almost dropped my chip butty on the floor, when I heard "Spitting Games" being played over the tannoy. A weird coincidence.

Anyway, I totally forgot about going back and buying it I was disappointed in myself. I knew, however, that it was only a slim chance that it would be picked up by someone else.

I returned a couple of days later to pick it up. I walk past, and what is in the window? "EVERYTHING HALF PRICE". Honestly, my Greggs Steak Bake almost went flying into the face of some old pensioner.

This time, I snapped it up, possibly spending the least amount of time I've ever spent in a charity shop. Pick up said CD, flicked a shiny gold coint at the mush behind the counter, and walk out with a big grin on my face.

I know a couple of the songs, but at the time of this mass type-up, I've yet to see if I know / like the rest. Watch this space, though I'll probably never update this again.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2020: Well, I'm nothing if not predictable. I never did listen to it I also have the second disc as a peparate sleeveless disc.