Lynne Hamilton - On The Inside
A.1. Records  (1989)
Stage & Screen

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7 inch Vinyl    2 tracks 
   01   On The Inside (Theme From Prisoner Cell Block H)            
   02   Love Theme (From Prisoner Cell Block H)   William Motzing          
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Purchase Date 16/01/2016
Price £0.50
Store Betterdaze (Northallerton, Zetland Road)
Cat. Number A1 311
Packaging Sleeve
Spars N/A
RPM 45
I could have sworn I had this, until a couple of years ago when someone asked if I had it, and was hunting for it ever since. Turns out if I did have it, I've mislaid it, so whoever you are, if you'r reading this, yes I finally have a copy.

I know I did have one fore for definite, but sent it off to someone because they were a really big Cell Block H fan, and these were the days long before ebay and youtube, etc. , so this could technically be the third copy I've owned.