Willy Finlayson - On The Air Tonight
PRT  (1984)
Downtempo, Electronic, Pop, Pop Rock, Rock, Synth-pop

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12 inch Vinyl    2 tracks 
   01   On The Air Tonight            
   02   After The Fall            
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Purchase Date 19/09/2015
Price £0.50
Store Betterdaze (Northallerton, Zetland Road)
Cat. Number 12P 302
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Spars N/A
Sound Stereo
RPM 45
Waaay back in the mid-1990s, the local radio station used to have a show called "The North East Nightshift", where there was a song called "on The Air Tnoight" playing on the opening jingle.

I found this at the Sedgefield car boot sale at some point. I thought this would have been the one. Despite it being the right song, it wasn't the right version, so I didn't really play it much, or take care of it. This scratched version remained in the collection.

I did eventually find the version that was used in the radio show, , but I also wanted this version back, to compare the two.

Luckily, I managed to find this 2nd copy.

Pete Bardens, the original writer and performer, actually produced and played keyboard on this version.