Neil - Hole In My Shoe (Paranoid Version)
WEA Records  (1984)
Electronic, Folk Rock, Parody, Rock, Synthpop

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12 inch Vinyl    2 tracks 
   01   Hole In My Shoe (Paranoid Version)            
   02   Hurdy Gurdy Mushroom Man            
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Purchase Date 12/04/2014
Price £0.50
Store Betterdaze (Northallerton - Zetland Road)
Location Upstairs brown bookcase bottom shelf
Cat. Number 249 317-0
Packaging Sleeve
Spars N/A
Sound Stereo
RPM 45
It's one of those songs that they should have left as a 7" only, and seemed to release the just to have that extra format release in the charts. The first 4 minutes is perfectly acceptable, then it starts going all weird and just seems like a bit of a waste of record.

Although ,this was par for the course in the 1980s. Hammer the shite out of any song and make it into a 12". At least this has original bits over the 7".