Nic Jones - Penguin Eggs
Topic Records  (2005)
Country, Folk, World

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MP3 Download    9 tracks  (44:26) 
  play>  01   Canadee-I-O             05:54
  play>  02   The Drowned Lovers             06:25
  play>  03   The Humpback Whale             06:01
  play>  04   The Little Pot Stove             05:34
  play>  05   Courting Is A Pleasure             05:17
  play>  06   Barrack Street             04:24
  play>  07   Planxty Davis             02:46
  play>  08   The Flandyke Shore             02:48
  play>  09   Farewell To The Gold             05:17
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Store Napster (online)
Package/Sleeve Condition New
Location NAS Drive
Cat. Number TSCD 411
Packaging Download
Spars N/A
Sound Stereo
I found this to be a really depressing album. Maybe I was thinking about the life story of Nic Jones, and what happened after he recorded this album, maybe because I was on the way to work when I listened to it, on a gloomy mid-week day. Maybe I need to listen to it again, when I'm in a better frame of mind.

No matter what, however, "The Little Pot Stove" will remain an absolute highlight of my record collection, a great song.