Not The Nine O'Clock News - Not The Nine O'Clock News...
BBC Records And Tapes  (1980)
Comedy, Stage & Screen

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LP    19 tracks  (51:29) 
   01   Death Of A Princess (An Apology)   Griff Rhys Jones           02:40
   02   David Attenborough! David Bloody Attenborough!   Rowan Atkinson; Pamela Stephenson; Mel Smith           04:04
   03   Confrontation Song   Mel Smith; Rowan Atkinson; Pamela Stephenson           01:13
   04   Airline Safety   Rowan Atkinson; Billy Connolly           02:43
   05   National Wealth Beds   Rowan Atkinson           02:43
   06   Simultaneous Translation   Rowan Atkinson; Pamela Stephenson           03:12
   07   General Synod's "Life Of Python"   Rowan Atkinson; Mel Smith; Pamela Stephenson           04:14
   08   Theres A Man (In Iran) That I Can't Resist (Much Revered Kinda Weird) Got This Chick In A (Twist): The Ayatollah Song   Pamela Stephenson; Mel Smith; Rowan Atkinson; Griff Rhys Jones           02:54
   09   Closedown   Rowan Atkinson; Pamela Stephenson; Mel Smith; Griff Rhys Jones           02:00
   10   Points Of View   Griff Rhys Jones; Rowan Atkinson; Pamela Stephenson           01:23
   11   That Bleeding Bloody Esther Bloody Effing Bloody Rantzen Woman   Rowan Atkinson           02:28
   12   Stout Life   Pamela Stephenson; Rowan Atkinson; Mel Smith; Griff Rhys Jones; Robert Bridges; Ridgewell Hawkes           03:57
   13   Gob On You   Mel Smith; Pamela Stephenson; Rowan Atkinson; Chris Langham           04:28
   14   Gay Christian   Rowan Atkinson           01:47
   15   Final Demands   Rowan Atkinson; Mel Smith; Chris Langham; Jim Broadbent           02:40
   16   Bouncing Song   Rowan Atkinson; Sox; Mel Smith; Pamela Stephenson; Griff Rhys Jones           01:18
   17   American Express   Mel Smith; Pamela Stephenson           00:28
   18   Oh! Bosanquet!   Pamela Stephenson; Mel Smith; Chris Langham; Rowan Atkinson           03:23
   19   I Believe   Rowan Atkinson; Mel Smith; Pamela Stephenson; Griff Rhys Jones           03:54
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Store Record Fair (Northallerton)
Location LP Box 2
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Vinyl Color Black
RPM 33